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The Changanacherry based Roman Catholic Syrian Christian Manamel Family with a tradition in spices trading for over 200 years, originated from Kudamaloor, a place of Brahmin heritage in the erstwhile Vadakkumkoor Kingdom. It is believed that two brothers belonging to the Thekkedathu Mana were ousted from the community as they protested against some of the evil practices existed in the Brahmin community. They took asylum in the then Thekkumkoor Kingdom with the help of the Christian community and got baptized in the Kalloorkadu (Champakkulam) Church. This is evidenced from the statements of the forefathers belonging to the Thekkedathu Illam and Manamel Family. We claim a Christian heritage of 1500 years only, as the Kalloorkadu Church was constructed in the 5th century (AD 427).

Inaugurated in the year 1985 the Manmel Kudumbayogam now consists of about 1500 members belonging to 320 families, spread all over Kerala and extended to various other states in India and even to different continents. It may be pointed out that this does not include the Orthodox Christian Manamel families in and outside Kerala, as we have not succeeded in proving the parental lineage with them.